Aged 50 years

Having patiently aged in a single sherry bottle for half a century, the 50 Year Old is an extremely rare, unique single malt. This robust, hand-selected single malt’s appearance proudly boasts shades of rich, warm golden brown tones, reminiscent of the 50 autumns that slowly passed in the Glen Grant Victorian Gardens during its maturation. Its soft, delectable bouquet seduces the senses with alluring hints of toffee and caramel interlaced with subtle tones of sundried sultana and chewy apricot. The charming mouth-feel gently cascades on the palate with an array of sweet sherry notes infused with orange and baked apples. The perfect balance of rich and robust with smooth and soft flavours lingers in the long, full aftertaste.


Glen Grant 50 Years Old Limited Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky

(54.4% alc. Vol)


Warm golden brown, sun-kissed tones.
Soft and delectable with alluring aroma of toffee, caramel and subtle hints of dried fruits.
Wonderful mouth-feel with sweet sherry notes, combined with hints of orange and baked apples.
Rich, robust and full yet smooth with soft lingering aftertaste.