Aged 25 years

An exclusive Limited Edition whisky of only 800 bottles, the 25 Year Old Sherry Single Cask has been especially developed to meet the demands of the most discerning of whisky connoisseurs, offering a truly inimitable experience.

Boasting an intensely rich palate with an array of deeply fruity flavors, the 25Yo perfectly delivers the seductively smooth taste for which Glen Grant is renowned; it features soft sultana notes, sweet Oloroso Sherry aromas, inter laced with hints of heather honey and a powerful long, lingering finish.  In contrast to the distillery’s customary clear, light gold single malts, the 25 year old boasts a deeper, more intense dark amber brown colour - a result of slow aging in sherry oak casks at the 170 year old distillery, where it matures over time to create a fresh and natural Single Malt Scotch whisky.


Deep, rich dark amber brown colour
Rich, sweet Oloroso Sherry aromas, inter laced with hints of fruit and heather honey
Soft, fruity raisins and sultanas notes
Smooth long and lingering with a slight hint of smoke