Choosing the right glass is a great way to ensure your whisky tastes as good as is can. Shapes and sizes of glasses change the way the sensations of a whisky are perceived. We recommend a ‘snifter’, ‘sherry copita’, or tulip glass. All of these glasses have a vase shape which helps to release and also trap the aromas. Ensure you use a clear glass to highlight the colour of the whisky.


Taste and smell are the two key senses which guide you when appreciating good whisky. There’s no technology more advanced than your nose to analyse a whisky and appreciate its aroma. Free your senses by gently swirling the whisky in the glass. Slowly breathe through both your nose and mouth and take in the aromas. Take a little sip while you slowly inhale through your nose.


Colour can give you a lot of information about the history of the whisky you’re tasting. The colour spectrum ranges from pale straw to dark golden amber. A Single Malt matured in bourbon casks, for example, is very pale, while the colour is usually darker if your whisky has matured in sherry casks. Another element that can darken a whisky is time - the longer the years of maturation, the darker the colour will tend to be. 


Never rush when tasting whisky. Take your time to analyse the colour, character and fully appreciate its aroma. By doing this, you’ll notice how the bouquet can change considerably after the liquid has been able to breathe for some time. If you want to enhance the aromas, add a slash of water to the glass. This can release even more flavours from your whisky. Try pairing your whiskies with your favourite dishes to experiment new flavour combinations. 

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